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Flood Insurance

Almost anywhere it rains, it can flood. In the United States floods are the number 1 natural disaster. Even if you live in an area that you think is not at risk, preparation is just as critical as it is with other types of emergencies. In fact, over 20% of all National Flood Insurance Program flood insurance claims are from people outside of mapped high-risk flood areas.

It is important to note that flood damage is not covered by your homeowners or renters’ insurance. There are specialized flood insurance programs. that we can discuss with you.

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Flood insurance generally includes:

Physical structure of your home

Attached and detached structures

Interior features like plumbing, electrical and HVAC

Damage to interior structures like walls, floor, ceiling

Personal belongings like clothing, furniture, electronics, appliances, etc.

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Flood insurance is an additional insurance coverage you can add to your Homeowners Insurance or Renters Insurance, or you can purchase commercial Flood Insurance for your business. Flood Insurance is intended to protect your dwelling from losses sustained by water damage that is related to flooding or caused by rain, snow, or other water-related events. Flood Insurance is considered a type of property insurance that is directly linked to water damage.

First, not every homeowner needs Flood Insurance. If a home is located well outside of a floodplain, there’s less of a need for Flood Insurance. That is why it’s not automatically covered in your Homeowners Insurance policy. The second reason is that floods tend to cause millions (sometimes billions) of dollars in damage, and insurance companies cannot pay those losses without charging extra for them. Flood Insurance exists on its own to provide specific coverage for your home and any water damage it may succumb to due to a flood.

Flood damage must be the direct result of a flood. Rising water from rain, snow, and other natural disasters can lead to water rising above your home’s ground level. The water that comes rushing in your front door, windows, or from the outside in is considered flood damage.

Flood Insurance is typically required if your home is located in a federally recognized high-risk flood zone and you have a mortgage with a federally regulated or insured lender. 

Your vehicle is protected from flood damage as long as you have comprehensive coverage on your Car Insurance policy for your vehicle. This means you should file a Flood Insurance claim for your home and an auto insurance claim for your car if it was damaged during a flood that hit your home. There is no need to purchase Flood Insurance for your vehicle since it is covered by comprehensive coverage.