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Boat & Watercraft

Boat & Watercraft Insurance

Insurance Coverage For The Captain Of The Ship

Whether you are heading out for a day of fishing, boating, or jet powered watercraft we will find you comprehensive insurance that protects you, your friends and family, your watercraft and your boating equipment. The average boat costs less than a dollar a day to insure. You will enjoy being on the water even more when you aren’t worried about your safety, the safety of your passengers, or your investment. Let Alliances Insurance Agency help you find the right amount of coverage to suit your insurance needs. Call us today at (610) 816-0043.

What our clients say


“Kevin is the ultimate professional and has not only saved us money with our insurance policies, but also got us better coverage. Everyone I refer to him tells me the same thing. What more could you ask for?”

 -Tom T.

Typically included in the Policy

Boat and watercraft insurance covers motorboats, sailboats, and personal watercraft. It can include:

Physical damage due to a collision or striking a submerged object

Uninsured watercraft

Agreed value option

Personal effects

Additional boat equipment (anchors, life jackets, etc.)

Boat trailer

Repair cost for boat, motor, boat equipment or trailer

  Emergency services






Medical payment for owner, their family or other passengers


Homeowners insurance usually includes limited coverage for boats. The most it will offer is $1,000 if your boat is damaged while at your house.  

Boat insurance is very similar to Car Insurance and includes property damage liability, bodily Injury liability, unisured/underinsured boaters coverage, medical payments coverage, and physical damage coverage.

Yes, boats are watercraft and therefore may have specialized coverages that can be added, including:

  • Fishing equipment coverage: Covers fishing supplies on the boat or while being transferred on or off the boat.
  • Personal property coverage: Covers personal effects on the boat or while being transferred on or off the boat.
  • Roadside assistance: Covers the boat during towing, and sometimes even the tow vehicle.
  • Fuel spill/accident cleanup: Covers removal of debris from an accident.

Most insurance companies cover small fishing boats, speedboats, sailboats, canoes, and houseboats.  Some boats need companies that specialize in boat insurance. These would include boats that travel beyond 75-125 nautical miles or boats that are used for business or commercial purposes. 

Many states require a minimum amount of liability insurance on your boat. And if you have a boat loan, your lender probably requires you to carry insurance for the boat itself. Additionally, many marinas and yacht clubs won’t allow you to dock your boat unless you’re insured. The bottom line is that a boat is an investment worth insuring.